The name “Reflowered” is an answer to the use of the word “deflowered” to describe the loss of virginity in women.  It is my belief that sex is not an innately destructive force but that intimacy in various forms can help us blossom, heal, become our truest selves.

Reflowered is a blog about sex, love, commitment, sex, marriage and sex. It is an opportunity to explore sexuality and its complexity in the context of matrimony. So many assumptions are made about “the marriage bed”, but I don’t see any marriages like these. I am making a new stigma.

I see sex in the context of commitment as an expression of our personalities.  What if sex represented, in concentration, all the fullness of our relationship the way an idol represents a deity? We actualize in the context of community, and the closest community we have are our life-long partnerships. Reflowered explores the nitty gritty of these moments of closeness to remove the stigma, share the glory, and blow off steam.

Thanks for reading.


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