Sex Toys… Ah Blessed Sex Toys

When M and I first hopped into bed together, I have to admit, I expected fireworks. After all, our love was absolutely explosive. But it was lack luster at first. Orgasms did not reside around every corner as I may have expected, stamina needed to be worked up. The introduction of the sex toy to our bedroom changed the fabric of our love making. Suddenly, it wasn’t unreasonable for me to expect to cross the finish line every time! M could be less anxious, I could expect more orgasms. All was well. 

We got into an argument recently when M said that sex toys were invented in the sixties and I said it was probably much earlier. It turns out, after some google-research, that the first vibrator was introduces as a method of “pelvic massage”, a cure for female hysteria of the 19th century. Of Before the association with porn, these ads showed up in all kinds of magazines. course it was!

After the invention of electricity, it was the fifth appliance to be converted. FIFTH! Before the vacuum! Before the iron! That’s way too female empowerment for me to handle! 


The first ever, steam-powered vibrator.


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